KVB Processors Pvt. Ltd is a company managed by a team of technocrats who are pioneers in the Indian market as suppliers of Zinc Oxide and are leaders in manufacturing of the premium quality White Seal Zinc Oxide. Zinc Oxide has a wide demand in the Indian market and is used in various types of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Paints, Rubber, Ceramics, etc.

Located at its plant are Zinc Oxide furnaces with various combinations of pneumatic collection systems, blenders and sieving machines for producing different grades of oxide.


The company management is committed to being a leader in the Indian Zinc Oxide industry with total dedication to zero defects, on time delivery and total customer satisfaction. Continuous quality improvement as it relates to our customers' success, is our ultimate goal.

Our vision is to set up nation-wide manufacturing bases for Zinc Oxide thereby minimizing the operational costs involved in wider distribution networks and increasing the cost-competitiveness of our product. This will enable us to gain all-round market leadership.

  Manufacturing process

Of all the different types of Zinc Oxide, we have been involved in the production of White Seal Zinc Oxide manufactured by the process called ‘French process’ or ‘Indirect process’. In this process, the starting point is metallic zinc, which may be virgin, secondary (recovered), galvanisers’ waste or dross. The metal is volatized from retorts and the vapours are oxidized to finely divided Zinc Oxide. By means of differential setting, various grades of oxide can be separated and classified.

We also manufacture secondary zinc metal for captive consumption as well as domestic sales.


Our annual sales of Zinc Oxide now stand close to the tune of 6000 metric tons. The company has well-trained production personnel along with a quality assurance department to ensure that our product is of the best quality. Last but not the least, because of our premium quality product, we have been able to engage in export activities as well.